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Caliber has been on the European market for over 30 years, and in French territory for 20 years. Among the undisputed leaders of in car audio, the brand's reputation is clearly established. Since 2013, and in order to anticipate the new trends, Caliber is developing a "Home Audio" program featuring products such as: portable speakers, alarm clock radio, DAB radio, Boom box, headphones, wireless earbuds, and various accessories. In 2019 Caliber launches its "Smart Home" range of domestic connected products controlled by App (lighting, power supplies, cameras). The products are Google and Alexa compatible. The "Caliber Smart home" app is simple, and probably one of the most interesting on the market. The expertise of the brand CALIBER, allows it to propose ranges with innovative design, combined with the latest technologies. The brand's positioning in more than 30 countries is very competitive.

  1. Sectors of activities
  1. Products and Services
    Connected items / Internet of things
    • Security accessories
    Embedded Electronics
    • Car radio accessories
    • Car radios
    • Dashcam / Recorder (black box)
    • DVD player
    • Electronic accessories
    • Reverse camara
    Home automation
    • Alarm / Detection
    • Application / Interface
    • Control / Command / Piloting
    • IP Camera
    • Lighting / LED / Smart Bulb
    • Protection video / Supervision video
    • Accessories / Peripherals
    • Dock Station / Dock
    • Headphones
    • In ear headphones
    • Multiroom
    • Platinum vinyl
    • Radio
    • Wireless headphones
    • Wireless speakers
  2. Distributions chanels
    DIY store
    E-tailers / Mail order
    Food superstore
    Local shop / Service
    • Audio video photo specialist
    • DIY and Household goods specialist
    • Home appliances specialist
    • Telecoms specialist
    Specialized superstore

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    Kortakker 10 Ae Veen 4264 AE Netherlands
    Tel:  +33 (0)4 83 58 03 09
    Fax:  +31 41 66 99 001